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Christmas Party

We would like to invite everyone to our Christmas Party on the 19 of December.
We would like to celebrate the festive season together with some wonderful culinary explosions!In other words, please bring something to eat/drink/share this Sunday! It can be anything from Christmas cookies to salad to hot chocolate! Whatever you want to bring, we'll be happy to share with you :)

We wish you all a merry Christmas and a happy new year!

PS: There will be no Bible study on the 26 of December and the 2 of January! The next Bible study is on the 9 of January.

International Potluck!

Dear IBSG members!

As you know, we will be having International Potluck at the IBSG this Sunday!
Just as a reminder: please bring something to eat (preferably from your home country, but we're not fussy...anything that you want to bring is fine.)

This is an ideal opportunity to bring friends!! After all, who doesn't like good food and pleasant company? :)
It's World Prayer Day on the 14th of November, so we will also be having a special prayer session at the beginning.

Looking forward to seeing you (and many new faces) there!

Many greetings

Help for the "Orientierungstage"

Dear IBSG,
On the Tuesday and Wednesday, the 12th and 13th of October, at the international center on the corner by the Uni church, there will be orientation for new international students. The IBSG has alway been present to let people know that we are here and to invite them to come. It has never been a waste. This email is to ask 2 things:
1. Come to the International Center on one, or both of these days from 8:00 - 10:00 am to chat with new students and invite them to come.
2. We would like someone to make Fliers or a poster. IT DOESN'T HAVE TO BE COMPLICATED: They just need to say who we are and when we meet. A contact would also be good and our web blog. We probably need 50-100 fliers (that's only 25 sheets of paper if the fliers are a quarter of a page). Poster can be printed from any copy shot. Just bring a USB stick with the data on it. Color is expensive, but black on colored paper is cheap. For colored fliers, the best thing is to print them at home if you have a colored printer. If you don't, and don't know anybody who does, you could email me and I will print them up. Please consider one of these and email Sonn if you will take a task:

God Bless,

IBSG goes Kieler Woche

This Sunday we are at the Kieler Woche. We will not be hosting something ourselves, but we will visit an International Church Service. The Service starts at 12:30 at the "Unser Norden" Stage (Germ. "Bühne"). We will find each other, if we just look around. The stage is big and perfessional looking. It is located at the end of the Förde on the Hörn. That means where the water stops. So if you go to the train station and go out the side by the water and turn right and keep walking along the water, you will eventually find it.
I hope that was understandable for everyone and I hope to see you there. Afterwards we have planned on singing as a group at the Kieler Woche. Not officially of course, but just out on the street having fun. See you then!

Bike Tour

Dear IBSG Friends,

This is a preliminary post to remind you that we are going to have a Bike Tour on the 13th of June (that's in about 9 days). There will be no Bible Study at the Church, but one on the road. Call it a lesson in pilgrimage. It seems that most of the important people in the Bible were travelers: Abraham, Moses, Esra, Paul, Jesus... we're just following in their footsteps.
Here is the information as of now: we will meet at the Church at 11:00 and probably head out to Schilksee, were we will meet up with Sonn, Oseias and hopefully my wife (it's a little difficult for her to ride so long;)).
I think we will also be grilling.
So important to know: 11 o'clock at the church with a bike on the 13th.
See you then!

Grillin´and Chillin´

Dear Bible Students,
Sunday we are grilling in the Schrevenpark!
If you don't know where that is, be at the Church at 13.30 and Natascha will lead you there. If you know where it is, come to the grassy area and look for us. Sonn and Oseas will bring a sign, so you can look for that (if you come after them).

Here's what to bring:
1. Blanket
2. Food (everybody shares, unless you bring like filet mignion or something, sausages and things will be shared) and drinks
3. Friends
4. Something to eat off and with, like a plate, a fork and a knife
5. a jacket, because the weather man says it won't be that warm.
6. anything important that I forgot.

I am getting hungry already.

God be with you till we meet again,

International Potluck

Dear IBSG,

This Sunday we will have an International Potluck. Everyone should bring something to eat that we can all share together. If you have no time to prepare something you can also buy juice or something else to bring.

We love international foods and would love to taste typical meals of your home country. Starter, main course, or dessert doesn't matter. We will praise our God and eat his blessings, even if we have 15 soups and nothing else!

And of course: Bring an appetite!

See you soon

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We, the International Bible Study Group (IBSG) Kiel, are an English-speaking Christian Fellowhip in the city of Kiel, Germany. We meet every Sunday at the University Church in Westring from 13:30 until 16:00. You're warmly invited to join us.

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