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Bike Tour

Dear IBSG Friends,

This is a preliminary post to remind you that we are going to have a Bike Tour on the 13th of June (that's in about 9 days). There will be no Bible Study at the Church, but one on the road. Call it a lesson in pilgrimage. It seems that most of the important people in the Bible were travelers: Abraham, Moses, Esra, Paul, Jesus... we're just following in their footsteps.
Here is the information as of now: we will meet at the Church at 11:00 and probably head out to Schilksee, were we will meet up with Sonn, Oseias and hopefully my wife (it's a little difficult for her to ride so long;)).
I think we will also be grilling.
So important to know: 11 o'clock at the church with a bike on the 13th.
See you then!


Inken June 11, 2010 at 5:22 PM  

Dear ISBG,
It's hard to believe when you go outside today and feel the warmth and humidity, that on Sunday it will be cool and it might rain during the afternoon. Oh well, that won't stop us, as we proved two weeks ago grilling.
So the Bike Tour will take place as expected: 11 o'clock at the Church on Sunday. Bring something to grill, something to eat with and something to drink. Don't be late! We won't know to wait for you.
I am looking forward to it! See you Sunday.

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