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English-speaking Bible study group and Christian Fellowship in Kiel, Germany.

International Potluck!

Dear IBSG members!

As you know, we will be having International Potluck at the IBSG this Sunday!
Just as a reminder: please bring something to eat (preferably from your home country, but we're not fussy...anything that you want to bring is fine.)

This is an ideal opportunity to bring friends!! After all, who doesn't like good food and pleasant company? :)
It's World Prayer Day on the 14th of November, so we will also be having a special prayer session at the beginning.

Looking forward to seeing you (and many new faces) there!

Many greetings

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We, the International Bible Study Group (IBSG) Kiel, are an English-speaking Christian Fellowhip in the city of Kiel, Germany. We meet every Sunday at the University Church in Westring from 13:30 until 16:00. You're warmly invited to join us.

Do feel free to contact us.

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